Game One



  • The party – looking for a rogue magician name of Bartholomeus – comes to a town, and sees a festival being prepared.
  • Jordan hears about a performance being put on by a mysterious magician named Anton at 7:00pm in the town square. No one seems to know where he is, however.
  • Alex helps out with preparing the festival, and hears that Anton was seen walking toward the slum area of town.
  • Alex travels alone to the slums and is lured into an alley and surrounded.
  • The other players follow him.
  • Magee flies up to the rooftop to attack from above.
  • Alex, realizing a lack of diplomatic solution, releases his dog on the bandit that lured him. It leaps out of it’s case, and snaps the neck of the one that led him into the alley.
  • After a scuffle, they cripple one bandit, and the other begs for mercy.
  • The party tends to their wounds. They attempt to get information about “Anton” from the bandits, but they have never heard the name.
  • Alex takes one bandit to the hospital. Jordan kills one for some reason.

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